A piece of advice from a housemaid.

September 11, 2016

“Expect the unexpected” as what the saying says. And yes it is really true based on true experiences. It doesn’t mean that we are degree holder we can then easily get the job that we wanted. There are tons of professional in the world who ended up as nanny, au per, housemaid or whatever may they call it. Yes in some point it is hard for them (us) coz mostly they fought for their education just to finish it and at the end they (we) just received disappointment.

On the other way around, disappointment is always part of the life cycle, if we don’t experience it we wouldn’t be stronger and wiser enough as we continue our life. Please don’t be discouraged in moving on. There are  really times that we feel negative, but don’t worry its just normal. Don’t get beholden of your past, coz life isn’t about moving backward, it is about moving forward.

Our failures, heartaches in whatever aspects served as to teach as lessons. If you were starved in the past, it’s okay, just find ways to survive. And if you hated yourself because of what happened to you, coz of the wrong decisions that you made, it’s okay, there is still tomorrow to make it right. As long as there’s life, there’s always hope.

And if ever you hated someone because they mistreated you, let it go, coz it will only hurt you not them. Please be always positive even amid the disappointments. Please forgive the people who hurt you. People come and go, some makes us happy, some hurt us to give us lessons.

I have to shorten my message, time to leave.


DH, Juli



President Duterte: The best president

September 8, 2016

No matter what will they say against President Duterte, my admiration to him will never ever change. As a Filipino, it’s my honor to spread the good deeds that our leader has accomplished for his nation. It would be tyrant and disrespectful to mock him, çoz for me mocking our highest leader in Philippines is same as mocking the country itself. Instead of making his reputation ugly to the eyes of many, why not support him? Supporting Duterte implies that we all want to have a better, safer, livable and happier nation. We want an improvement in our country. WE? Hope everyone does.


Now, as OFW, I feel safe that Duterte is governing my country, and I can tell why I’m saying this.

As I spoke my mom in the phone I asked her how’s Manila, and this is our complete conversation.


Me: Ma, how’s Manila nowadays?

Mama: It is now peaceful and clean as well as our neighboring areas. You can’t see anyone roaming shirtless, and there’s no bystanders, and drunkards in the street.

Me: Wow that’s amazing mama, I am now so excited to go home.

Me: Ma, so you never ever regret that you vote for him right?

Mama: No, never!


PS: During election campaign, my mom wanted to vote another candidate because of what she saw from the news, she saw how bad President Duterte only. Yet as a daughter, I convinced her how wrong the news was, and I explained to her who is the real Duterte. The Duterte who has the heart for everybody.


Please viewers, and readers before you make negative judgement about our PH President, come, see and live in our country first. Don’t just base your judgement according to what you see and read.

Feel free to comment, ask questions if you are doubtful.

Share if you agree. thanks



Unknown J




Long Road Home

July 15, 2016

July 20th, 2014, I gave my farewell and good byes to my family in Philippines. It was the day that I started my total dependence from them. I left them, I embarked the house, and my country. Everything was first time for me. It was my first time to get in the taxi, first time to enter the airport, first time to talk to Immigration Officer, and first time in air plane, and above all first time to work abroad.

You may wonder of what was my feeling for my first times? Matter-of-factly, I was just cool, I was never paranoid nor tensed. I didn’t know why I was so confident that everything was going to be okay. Was I excited? Honestly No. The feeling was just normal, I felt I was just going for a twelve-hour land trip via bus from my village to Mindanao State University that day.

How did I manage to pass from immigration? Well I just confidently answered the kind immigration officer, and if I can see him again I wanna give him a big hug due to his kind words. What had happened then? Well I just carried my two handbags, the first was filled with binding book, which was filled with application letters, and one formal red blouse, one sleeping blouse, and one extra pair of pants. It sounds I wasn’t going for an overseas work right? Yes, you are right, but I was really going for a “job”.

Fast forward, I was in plane around eight in the evening if I wasn’t wrong. I just slept and was with group of people when I arrived in Hong Kong for the connecting flight. Then I met some Filipinos in HK airport, and I was advice not to work as sales lady nor housemaid. I just smiled coz I knew I wouldn’t coz I am a degree holder.

July 21st, 2014 5: 00a.m, the Cathaway Pacific landed in Dubai Airport. Wow the airport was really awesome same from Hong Kong. Anyways I didn’t give much attention on how grand the airport, I was just heading forward till I met my sissy. Then the story begun the day after.

I was asking myself, what I am doing here? while my gaze was above the sky gazing and wishing of being one of the passengers in Philippine Air Lines that accidentally flying that scorching midafternoon, wishing of being send to home. But why? I just felt something bizarre that was going to happen, and I wasn’t wrong when I received the news that day, the news that almost shattered my dreams. You might wonder what was the news. Well it doesn’t matter anymore, you’ll know later.

August 8th, 2014, I took my exit to Oman via plane, it was kind of weird day in the plane. Everything was in a hurry coz after exiting from Oman I had to get in the same plane again. Going back to Dubai, I was in between two nationalities. A big Arabic in my left and a Japanese from my right, and because I was asleep, while head was moving like a ferries wheel. Yucky, my saliva was falling. Kind of disgusting but I didn’t mind. Then I had a short convo with the Japanese and to make the story short we became friends. He’s a manager in a certain company in Cambodia and in Japan.

Fast forward, around last week of August I was sent to Sharjah, around 25 to 30 mins from Dubai, to work in an old couple Arabic family who couldn’t speak English and me couldn’t speak Arabic either. We were like two planets that were ready for a big explosion, and yes the explosions really happened. How will you conceive for two different nationalities who weren’t able to understand each other? Crazy right? What did I do then? Gosh believe me or not, my INSTINCT was my best asset, believe instinct was my savior. I didn’t know what was UP and DOWN, hell how will I know so fast? Matter of fact, instinct is not always right, and because of my wrong instinct sometimes I got in trouble. I was called “slow learner”, yes it’s true, but couldn’t help myself those time. Ohh wait I forgot, not only slow learner but a big eater or voracious also. I felt like my whole world was falling apart then I cried like a river. Just hurt me physically but not verbally. And to make the story short, I learned to sneak eating in the toilet, I was like idiot punishing myself just to avoid any issues. Well I wasn’t alone of my experience, mine was just mild compared to many co-Filipinos who’s working as housemaid. Ahh housemaid but why? That’s the usual feedback I received from the people who had high expectations from me, people from university, mentors and friends. And how did I manage those feedbacks? Well I just neglected those.

Fast fast forward, three months before my flight back to Philippines, I reminisced everything that had happened to me here in the tall building of UAE, unabundant food, homesickness, loneliness, boredom, belittling words, and crazy readings, writings and exercises, night time crying, and etc. upon reminiscing those hard times, I just now smiled, hell yeah I’m a survivor again, a better, stronger, and wiser Juli. Being a housemaid taught me a priceless lesson that I would never experience if I didn’t become a housemaid.

To all the housemaid around the world, don’t be ever ever and ever ashamed of your profession, remember that this kind of profession is clean. As what Jim Rohn said, even if that profession of yours is not what you aspired, but if that will bring you to another level of your success then go for it. I am a big believer of, our current situation is not our final destination, I will always believe on it, it’s kinda comparable of our feelings, our feelings towards things is never constant. We might be angry now, but later we are stupidly laughing for something. Right? Change is the only constant!

Anyways, I just learned a lot of lessons, life time lessons, and lessons that I can share to anyone else.

Please feel free to comment nor ask questions, it would be my pleasure to answer your queries










Organic farming: MSUan’s sisters’ graduate first job

May 12, 2016
Farms Cultivar

Farms Cultivar

Was there a time in your life that you feel proud of yourself even just by doing small things? And was there a time that the imperceptible job that you never dreamed of became possible and successful? Let me write the story of the two sisters who made a certain job possible and successful amid its impossibility.

Amid storm warning signals, Juli and Jessa were unstoppable on their voyage heading to Manila on the night of January 13th 2014 with the hope of finding a good job. Juli was a graduate of Bachelor in Science of Agricultural Business Management while Jessa had a degree in Agribusiness Management majoring in Entrepreneurship.The sisters both graduated from Mindanao State University, Marawi City in different years. Jessa didn’t attend her graduation day yet Juli did but without her parents. Both of them ventured the University alone and finished their degree alone which was bit strange for some.

Back to their voyage, the sisters spent two days and two nights on the Ferry before they reached Manila. In less than a month of stay in their mom’s abode, they were hired as land planners and land developers on a privately owned small lot of land nearby their mom’s rented building. But before they accepted the job offer, Juli and Jessa had visited the place first, and there, they had seen how lifeless the place was. But they were confident in augmenting it since they would have had people to work on it.

But it was disappointment that greeted them during their first day. The cabin that was supposedly allotted as their office was occupied by a caretaker and they hadn’t seen any farm workers aside from the three construction workers who were constructing the mini nipa hut.

At night, the sisters were planning of quitting from their job, but something had stopped them. The house that their mom had rented was owned by the same employer and they didn’t want to be kicked out from there. So they forced their selves to work despite of the job conditions.

For about one month, Juli and Jessa gave their focus on weeding the grasses, cutting the unwanted tall trees and clearing the garbage. Upon doing it everyday, their farm attires were drizzling and the calluses on their hands got thicker. And there were times when the snakes chased them upon clearing the mango trees which was scary to both of them. And the scarier thing was, when Juli had seen the snakes coming on their area while Jessa was napping on the ground with her banana leaves mat.

Juli found it imperceptible while she was confessing to her younger sis Jessa, but because of being choice less and fearful, they opted to pursue their work. They felt better when the weeding and clearing was over. Then uprooting of root trees took place for soil plotting. Jessa played a great role with uprooting the root trees using the heavy metal digging bar while Juli served as her buddy. Jessa was stronger, bigger and brisker than  her elder sister.

When they started sowing seeds around mid of April of different crops like peanuts, okra, pole beans, water melon, squash  and on, they faced a dilemma when the drought continued. They thought it was a big failure and would be unproductive farming for them. But when the rain poured around mid of May, the sisters became hopeful. Juli had found out that the soil was fertile due to its loamy and black physical properties, and she wasn’t wrong with her observation when the crops grew healthier and bigger.

The sisters felt relieved seeing their plants everyday, though not really theirs, the feeling that they were capable of farming was the ultimate and priceless joy for them.

When it comes to their resting area, Juli and Jessa made a recycled hammock made from piece of sack. Juli tied her hammock underneath the mango tree while Jessa placed hers on her small nipa hut made by the kind caretaker. Sometimes the sisters misunderstood each other, they were like Tom and Jerry, Juli as Tom and Jessa as Jerry. They fought and laughed which was crazy to perceived.

Time came when Jessa decided to work abroad in UAE as domestic helper. By the first week of June, she already resigned from her work and Juli was left alone. The latter felt so sad. She had difficulty in maintaining the farm. Weeding the grass made her exhausted everyday since rainy season had begun by June. Despite of rain, Juli had a good harvest. The pole beans were productive along with okra, eggplant, patola, upo, squash, watermelon and herbs such as mints and basil.

But the constant rain for about one month brought diseases to the crops inside the farm. The tomato became infested along with patola and upo that made her discouraged. The employer was complaining why such this and that, and Juli explained that the rain and the neighbor poultry caused infestation to the crops.

Oftentimes, she felt nostalgic with the time she spent with her sister. Their moments climbing and harvesting the mango fruits. The time that they ate and napped together, and the time when they work harder just to improve the farm made her forlorn. Juli couldn’t forget when the first heavy rain poured, they both sat on the hammock inside the mini-hut. They had small talk and took selfies together while the strong wind was smashing their hut and the houses for their patola and upo was about to collapsed, then Jessa was to the rescue. The latter let herself get drenched with rain while Juli was sitting pretty on the hammock. Yet everything was just a memory to her.

Because of her loneliness, and hard time in the farm alone Juli made a big decision. She quit from her job and accepted the opportunity that was given to her by her sister’s employer that was working as domestic helper in Dubai, UAE. During her last day, she harvested everything that she could. She knew she was going to miss the place and her memories there, she opted to take pictures around the farm, the hut, her farm shoes and her last harvest.

With heavy shoulders and deep sigh, Juli exchanged hugs and goodbyes with the kind farm caretaker before she finally embarked the place. Somehow Juli was proud and happy of what she went through for five months, that once in her life she was able to successfully transform the unproductive land into life along with her sister. She promised herself to visit the farm again once she’s done in UAE, and now that she is nearly coming back home, she is excited to see the place again, and the legacy that she left there, the hundreds of trees of Moringa nucifera trees that she planted before she left.









Rodrigo Duterte: Philippines hope

In Philippines, impoverishment is everywhere. Majority of the Filipinos are below poverty line and nothing improvement happens as years passed by. Yes many will react, and it is expected that they have to say  many are lazy. Yet, my question is, is it still normal that majority of Filipinos are in poverty?

Presently, the rich become richer and the poor becomes poorer. With the type of government that Philippines has, it is undeniable how Filipinos are greatly affected with the corrupt form of government system that the country has. People seems so hopeless for long years. But what is really democracy? Accordingly, democracy means a government by the people yet what happened in Philippines is opposite. It is the government who is oppressing its own people, and this oppression continues, until when? Until next 100 years? By that period, what will be the state of the country? Is there anyone who will stand for the Filipinos? When would it be? And who would it be?

The answer for that question is YES. Yes there is one person who is currently standing firm for its people and it is happening NOW. It started when Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte filed his presidential candidacy. It is him who has the will and heart for his co-Filipinos. Some don’t believe on him. They said that all politician is only after of power and self-centeredness. Yet I always opposed with that kind of understatement, because Mayor Duterte is one of a kind public servant. He always talks from his heart and not from his mouth. It sounds ridiculous yet that’s the truth, that’s the truth for those Filipinos who have seen HOPE for our falling country, and that hope started from Mayor Duterte.

From the very beginning Duterte never started hate nor black propaganda to his rivals. And yes he receives tons of black propaganda that is currently aired in both giant TV stations in Philippines just to ruin his credibility and integrity. Was his rival successful? Yes, he was successful in airing the black propaganda against him, yet that rival was never successful in ruining the credibility of Mr. Duterte. Simply because, the black propaganda was a big lies. And the more Duterte’s presidential opponents throw him a degrading issues, the more Duterte gains strong support from his diehard supporters.

It may not be known by many who aren’t Filipinos, but for awareness, Mayor Duterte is candid from the start that he has no money for his campaign, and that he can’t afford TV ads for his presidency. So what he did was, he publicly asked the support of his supporters to be his machineries. Is Mr. Duterte successful? Yes he is. The Filipinos are united for this Presidential Election, the rich, the celebrities, former politicians, the overseas Filipino workers and some foreigners who believes in him shown their big supports to him.

It is undeniable how known Mr. Duterte is, not just of what he did in his Davao City as the 4th safest livable city in the world, with its Central 911 that is only in Asia but as well as in his every campaign rally. People were always screaming and shouting for his name wherever the campaign rally was held. A shouts that shows anger and hope, anger from the long oppression and hope because they can see hope from Mr. Duterte.

During the May 7th meeting de avance that was held in different areas in Philippines it casted more than one million supporters who attended in the said event. Both rich, poor, middle class, celebrities, and religious leaders were united. They were united because they believe on Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and they believe that Duterte can make Philippines as a great nation again.

With the support that the Filipinos have shown to Mayor Duterte, cheating him on the day of May 9th 2016 might lead a chaos. Hopefully the 2016 PH national election will be successful and won’t cause a serious problem in the country.

This is the time for a better Philippines, the time for just government. Equality must be given to all Filipinos. Let us spread love not hate. And as an ordinary Filipino, I will always believe that Philippines will be a great nation again. With a right and honest leader, it is not impossible. Everything is achievable when the Filipinos are united for one common goal, and with a right just leader.

Long live Philippines, Long Live Tatay Digong Duterte, and Long Live Filipinos.

God bless us all Filipinos.

Mindanao Island

May 5, 2016

Mindanao Island is the second largest island  in Philippines with approximately 104 530 sq. kilometer total land area. The highest point in Mindanao is the Mount Apo which is located in Davao with 2 964 meter (9 724 ft.) elevation.

Mindanao comprises the following regions:

ARMM Regions or Autonomous Regions in Muslim Mindanao with five provinces, Province of Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Sulu and Tawi-tawi.

CARAGA or Caraga Administrative Region with five provinces: Agusan del Norte, AGusan del Sur, Dinagat Island, Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur.

DAVAO Region: Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao Occidental and Davao Oriental

NORTHERN MINDANAO: Bukidnon, Camiguin, Lanao del Norte, Misamis Oriental and Misamis Occidental..

SOCCSKARGEN or CENTRAL MINDANAO: South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat,Sarangani and General Santos and Zamboanga Peninsula (Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga Sibugay.

Among the five regions and cities in Mindanao, Davao City is the most progressive, livable and safest city not only in Mindanao and in Philippines but worldwide with its Central 911. Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte who was a public servant in Davao City made his city livable and safe for twenty two years of serving the place. He also established the Central 911 which is helpful tool in monitoring the safety of the place. Central 911 is just one of the projects that Duterte had successfully established in his place, not to mention the Rehabilitation Program for drug addicts and more. Presently, Duterte is one of the known presidential candidates in Philippines for the May 9th, 2016 national election and is believed as historical Philippines national election in the country.

On the other hand, Mindanao is generally perceived as scary place in Philippines. Yet amidst negative feedbacks, the people from the island have something to be proud of, like for example, Manny Pacman Pacquiao, the Filipinos Boxer Pride is Mindanaon and is living in General Santos. Pia Wurtzback, the 2016 Miss Universe Champion who’s  living in Cagayan de Oro.

Matter-of-factly, there is so much in Mindanao to visit for. There are beautiful and mesmerizing islands, beaches and high mountains that many don’t tried yet. Like for example, The Maria Christina Falls in Iligan, Lanao del Sur, Britania Island, Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur, Siargao Island, the Surfing Capital in Philippines in Siargao and more.

Moreover, Mindanaons and the rest areas in Philippines need equal attention from the government. And it is undeniable how unjust the present government in the country. Yet many Filipinos believe for the coming change this May 9th 2016 national election. They believe that Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte can make Philippines a great nation again. They greatly believe that what this golden hearted, sincere and honest public servant made from Davao City, he can make it in the whole Philippines as safest and livable country in the coming years as well.

Duterte , the Philippines last card and hope.



Live in Philippines

May 5, 2016

Are you planning to visit or live in Philippines? If yes, then maybe reading this general information about the country is a help.

Generally, Philippines is an archipelagic Asian country with approximately 300 000 sq. kilometer total  land area. The country is composed of three major islands, the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Luzon is the largest island among the three with total land area of about 105 000 sq. kilometer (40 541 sq. mile), followed by Mindanao with 104 530 sq. kilometer area and Visayas with 61 077 sq. kilometer. In totality PH has 7,107 islands.

Aside from being archipelagic, Philippines is also a tropical and agricultural country. The two seasons in PH, the rainy and dry season play great role with the agricultural livelihood of the most Filipinos who are depending their livelihood on farming and in fishing. Rainy season typically starts from June to November wherein rice farmers have to start their land preparation earlier than June for rice planting. Earlier before November, farmers usually started their harvesting. So basically, June to November isn’t raining all throughout.

On the other hand, dry season is subdivided into two, the cool and hot-dry season. Cool season starts from December to February while hot-dry is from March to May. During cool season, farmers generally performs the rice planting, and on summer time, rice harvesting takes place which is a good timing for Filipino farmers.

How about Philippines Temperature and Typhoon ?

Since Philippines lies along the Pacific Belt of Typhoon, it commonly experiences typhoons all throughout the year. Around 19 tropical cyclones or bagyo that typically enters PH and about 6 to 9 land fall as strong storms. The strongest typhoon so far that hits the Visayas region was the Typhoon Haiphong dated back 1881 of September that killed approximately 20 000 people. Typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan  is deadliest typhoon  that killed about 6 328 people and  injured 28 689 Filipinos with approximately 1 061 missing last November 2013 in the Central part of Philippines (Cebu, Leyte and on).

When it comes to the country’s temperature, the average hotness during summertime is about 25 ºC to 32ºC (78-90 ºF). There are highly elevated places in PH like Baguio City and Tagaytay which are good during summer to cool down the hotness of the weather.

Philippines Transportation System

Generally, Jeepneys and motorized tricycle are the most popular affordable transportation in the country. On the other hand, skylab vehicles with wooden/metal made two wings are typically used in the remote places specifically in Mindanao due to rough roads. Riding skylab is really enjoyable, though it sounds scary for many who never tried it yet, but I’ll assure you that you’ll have enjoyment riding it. Just don’t be scared.

Filipinos Source of Income

Majority of the Filipinos are dependent on farming and in fishing considering the country’s archipelagic and mountainous geography. Farmers customarily plant rice, corns, root crops, vegetables and fruits such as banana, mango, pineapple and etc. In fact, Davao and Bukidnon play a significant role with Philippines export of banana and pineapple. These two places in Mindanao have the biggest plantation of pineapple and banana in Philippines.

Philippines Water Main Sources

Generally, PH has different sources of water. Rivers, lakes, river basins, ground water reservoir and dams are just some of those. For potable water, it is classified into three, the standard water points like hand pumps and shallow wells which are commonly used in country side and in remote areas. Second is the piped water with communal water point like bore well and spring system and lastly is the piped water supply with private water point for house connection which is commonly used in urban and rural areas.

What about Philippines Local Food?

Local food varies depending where the location is. Tourists can be adventurous when it comes to food, they can try to eat exotic food in PH like the balut and penoy, a boiled egg with and without chicks inside the shell which is known in Philippines. Would you dare to try? Hope yes. It’s really fun. Whenever tourists don’t like local food, they can eat in fast food chains and restaurants but these are usually available in cities.

How about the PH local market?

Fish, pork, chicken, eggs, vegetables, and fruits are the common produce sells in the market. Remote dwellers usually go to the nearby city just to buy their basic needs. As countryside dweller, I used to travel to Bayugan city for about 3 hours just to buy basic needs which I can’t buy in my village.

Cooling-system and House structure

Basically, house structure has something to do with cooling system for Filipinos. Houses built with piled palm tree leaves with wood or bamboo walling and flooring usually don’t use electric fan nor air condition. The latter is usually used in concrete houses and only middle class and rich people can afford it.

Filipinos Values

One thing that always define Filipinos is their hospitality. Aside from their hospitality, I also vow and love their resiliency toward handling their impoverish status. It is amazing to see their smiles and laughter everyday, and it seems that they’re not carrying any burden when you see them.

Another Filipino values is the so called mano po wherein young people have to take the right hands of their grand  into their forehead or people older to than them as a sign of respect.










Lessons learned: True story of college graduate who became an au pir

April 27, 2016

Self-realization usually occurs when we made some decisions in life, a decision that might cost something to us. And we all know that in every decision that we are going to take has always corresponding outcome, and this outcome might be good nor bad. What if we have to experience the negative result? Do we have to run away because we don’t like it? Would it be helpful if we’re going to do it? Why don’t we face the reality instead of running away from our problem?

Let us all remember that the constant nowadays is change. We might be in a bad or misfortunate situation yet take note that our current situation doesn’t define our final destination.

It is true that when we are facing a difficult situation we always wanted to escape from it as fast as we can, and it happens to me seven months after I graduated from Mindanao State University. I made a big decision without even weighing its advantages, disadvantages and possibilities. And because of my desperation to have a better earning, I took the chance that was given to me. Yet I didn’t consider the possibility of ending up as a housemaid.

At first I was at denial stage, coz I never perceived that after striving to finish my degree I just end up like this. I felt depressed, sad and hopeless in life. But as months passed by I learned to accept the reality that it was my destiny, the destiny that I made. And in order to occupy my dull days, and months, I come up of a big realization, that instead of worrying I have to make something beneficial for my own sanity. Gladly I was awaken from the denial that I was experiencing, until I accept my fate. Because of acceptance, I opened my mind into new learnings, I read books and health pages that is helping and influencing me now to live in a simple and healthy manner through self-education and friends influence around the world.

On the other hand, I’m grateful that I experience this kind of profession, why? Because it teaches me priceless lessons. This profession has given me the vision and direction of what I really want in life. And also ,we don’t have to be be ashamed of our profession, coz our profession doesn’t define us as a person. Moreover, I also realized that there is so much in life to live for rather than worrying, regretting and complaining.

For those Filipinos who are experiencing the same as mine, don’t lose hope. Always remember that at the end of the long and dark tunnel, the light is waiting. In my case, I’m so thankful that the light is now waiting for me. Let’s not be afraid to fail but be afraid of not trying. As what Jim Rohn said during his speech, we can change our direction in one night but we can’t change our destination overnight.


Best Wishes,